Peep Game Comix


As I get back into the NETERS universe, going to utilize Peep Game Comix for future NETERS publishings. Yup ...


I need to find time for this ...


nus ura3

I'm finally on the back end of getting my second novel out. See
Daathrekh. I'm working hard on book 3, but I'm feeling compelled to step back into the Neters universe. That means relearning 3D software and writing comic scripts, etc.

Left off on trying to re-design Ma'atan Code uniforms. Gotta build mostly everything from the ground up ... Blender or Cheetah 3D, with either Hexagon or silo. That means time away from writing my 3rd book. Can it be done? Should it be?

I'm finding that using applications that are intuitive to my brain, are what works best for me. No longer tripping off of the software that is deemed popular, etc. Simplier is better.

Not a fan of creating in different genres. Writing novels is different from doing comics. Hence the illustrated novel format.