Simple desert panel.


Same pic with a lake thrown in. This is actually an old pic, rendered in Cheetah 3D. I like the way it came out.


Second to the last panel from Issue one of Neters™ Rendered in Carrara 6 Pro. I got old software putting in work. lol.


Nice hillside. No sky added. Will use this in future exterior scenes.

More scale stuff...


Almost 15 years ago, we saw what are referred to as Boers in the Neters™ universe. A race of semi-intelligent bug-like things. Anyway, I envisioned them as larger than people, but smaller than say ... a rhino. I'm sure I want the soldier type larger than the pictured scout types shown above.

I'm just gonna have to make the scouts a tad bit smaller.

Also, It seems that Cheetah 3D is great at rendering environments with a "toon" shade or look. Higher end software is not so good at that, or perhaps I'm not so good at getting the settings right. lol.