Blender environment(s)


Activated Blender's native landscape generator. Took all of 5 seconds. Scaled it up to size then added an old desert texture. I'm excited because a few months ago, I was under the impression that I would need to use several programs to do this ... but no more...


... set the scene then dropped into camera mode...


... looked good even before the test render. Just needed to change the color of the horizon and ...


... came out as expected...


... added Kek's ship (aint done yet), for dramatic pause. Also used Blender's new render engine called cycles to get a rendered image without hitting the render button. This program does just about everything. I wonder how long it will remain free.


Kek's Fan Plane Revisted 4


htp (peace)

Now that I have a little break between writing, it's back to working on the fan plane redesign. The above is still along the lines of what I had some 15 years ago. I think I want something a little more radical in terms of look...


... I turned the fans vertical just to get a look at how this thing would present itself. Again, gotta go more radical ...less practical in the redesign. Back to the drawing board...