Iconic 90s comic returns!

A Martial arts master forged from experimental technology, struggles to contain the evils within a mechanized city he helped create.

Too many pros to mention are working on this piece. The quality is extraordinary.
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What you know about this!


Mafdet of Team Heru of the Ma'atan Code. ... to know more

Epiphany for a new approach


The above/below images are not my books. I'm simply using them for study purpose and to develop a new approach for a very old project. The NETERS™ novel has been put to the side for several years in favor of other projects. The major project; Sun Juice Mechanics is complete for the most part. Its time to get the Neters novel out. But ...


... the time for a pure Neters novel is over. And frankly for the type of African American speculative fiction I create, comics may not be an option either.

Illustrated Novels is the future format for NETERS™.


NETERS: Before the First Time volume one through four? - Tells the story of the Dream Time, or what the world was like before the coming of the RZR. And I will re-tell the story as it appeared online some 15 years ago. I'm still contemplating on whether or not I will include what is probably going to be a six issue comic series, as apart of the upcoming illustrated novels as well. Stay tuned.