Environment part 3


I used a red desert image for the above pic. Rendered in Cheetah 3D with ease.


Learning two progs at the same time, so everything I do in Cheetah 3D, I must also be able to do in Blender. So ... took the same red desert image map and in 4 times as many steps, rendered the above image in Blender 2.69.


Same scene at a different resolution. Blender has a lot of power under the hood, but Cheetah 3D is way easier to use.
Also note the 'lines' I am able to add in Blender. I probably could have played with the light a little also...

Environments cont ...

Although I am deeply engrossed in finishing a novel; will be done in October, I'm also learning 3D progs and building assets for the NETERS™ universe. I am able to generate the kinds of look I want in terms of outdoor scenery with relative ease at this point.


I can go from the above to the following in a snap; saving the modified texture for future use.
The above map was created in Carrara 6 pro. (old app), they are up to version 8 or 9 now.


I took the above image map and rendered it in Cheetah 3D 6.3. It's a mac only app and is very intuitive.

from this

The image map was generated in Carrara 6 pro. It's one of the preloaded scenes; comes with version 6.


I rendered the above image using Cheetah 3D 6.3. Unfortunately, in the NETERS universe, most of the skies are polluted with sulfur so back to greenish skies.


All in all, I'm looking to achieve a very distinctive look all my own. Stay tuned.

Epic Metaphysical Comic

Epic Metaphysical Comic Continuum. Easily one of best comic series to drop in the last 10 years, and certainly one of my favorites. Created and illustrated by Nakiwa-oobake.

Bounty-X Minddar!


BOUNTY-X MINDDAR: Episode 3 The Root Chakra! -


BOUNTY-X MINDDAR: Episode 4 The Physical Body - LINK -


BOUNTY-X MINDDAR: Episode 5 The Soul Power -

The Art is next level; totally distinct. The characters are fully original. The immense universe for which it all takes place is extraordinary. A must grab for you real seekers of the sublime-awesome.

Love this series ya'll.