Render study lll


... nothing all new. Just honing in on that look is all. Thought I'd bring the Dirt Breaker in and generate a simple turn. Had to add a second light. I'm almost there in terms of getting what I want render-wise.

Old files


So I'm in the process of dumping old software that I don't plan on using anymore. One such program is Lightwave. It's an old version, 9.6.3. They are up to version 11.5 now. If they would but make one app; combine layout and modeler, perhaps I would have stuck with it. Great app out of the box though.

Anyway, I built a lot of stuff in Lightwave. One such thing was an air-transport truck (see above). I never got around to finishing it. Yup ... keeping this thing. Gonna add some textures and use it going forward. Loads up in Blender real quick. The Retu Guardsmen will use this vehicle.


All of ya'll should recognize the above pic. It's the cockpit to the wapwet aircraft used by the Ma'atan Code. Specifically the Neters™. Yup ... made in Lightwave many many moons ago. Loads up just fine in Blender as well. Time to update this thing.

Render study ll


... still playing around with the light settings. Basically I can get the flat 2D with hard shadow(s) look and feel that I want at this point. Think Mike Mignola or Michael Oeming. Two comic book artists with a very stylized approach that I dig. Snatched a free gif creation app called GIFfun from online to build a turn from a sequence of images rendered in Blender. Sure, could have used Blender to export a movie file, but they tend to be larger than gifs. This tiny little spin is 160 kb.