Old Files cont.


... continued from a prior post with the same title ... I'm going to add some textures to this thing. I may add some wheels and go from a flying cargo vehicle or truck, to a road vehicle of some type. Maybe add three huge wheels along the center bottom.

I keep getting the urge to re-do the Boers in hexagon 3d. I still need to get that fan plane done too...

Also, now that I've finished my second novel entitled, Sun Juice Mechanics, I'm back to working on all things NETERS™. Including the novel that reveals the origins of the entire story arc -


NETERS ™ Before the First Time, is the long awaited novella based on the online cifer-RA comic that changed the game almost 15 years ago. Click the above pic and read the first couple of chapters. Click the full screen mode when the window pops; the tools are located at the bottom left page. Also, once the page is zoomed, you can move the pages around using your mouse.

... and for those of you who just want a good old pdf -

Note: you are reading the raw unedited copy!