Sauraderm lV (legs)


htp (peace)

Yesterday I jumped on the computer, fired up Hexagon (a very old but powerful 3D modeler), and extruded the legs on the Sauraderm 'Id' I've been modeling. See the previous Sauraderm entries. Long story short, extruding the legs from the body; at least for me, aint gonna work. I decided the best approach will be to model the legs separately, then attach them to the body. Went over to google and did a search on the largest land animals to ever live. And so it seems a pattern emerges.

I found a ton of pics and images. None of these images are mine. They belong to their respective creators, etc. I'm using them for educational purposes only. Anyway, the overall leg anatomy for large heavy animals show a parallel design. Dinosaurs or giant mammals like the Deinotherium; that's the elephant like creature, or the ultra huge Paracaratherium; a huge hornless rhino looking thing, the leg(s) are structurally similar.

The modern elephant shows the same form. The front legs display a "high" elbow and a "low" knee or wrist. The hind legs show a "high" knee; turned around elbow basically, and a "low" ankle. The dinosaur pic way up top shows the same evolutionary answer to how to carry a huge living creature around on four legs. Learned a lot by messing up. Gonna get back at it after I edit a chapter or two from my novel. I should have the Sauraderm complete within the week, then I'll take it into Blender to generate the UVs etc...


Sauraderm lll (size)


Okay. Need to redo the legs. Extruding is not going to work. I will need to build the legs as separate objects then attach them to the body. By going the second route, I will have greater control in how they turn out. At least I am able to get a better idea of how big the Sauraderm will be. Maybe not 10 stories tall, but huge all the same.

I also noticed that giant land animals tend to wear their legs under their body (see below). Not out to the side like I have the Sauraderm's rear legs. The legs tend to be straight as well.

I like the way the head and neck turned out. New and better shaped legs will change the cool factor on this thing by 20. Oh ... the topology can use a lot of work too.

Seems you learn more from screwing up then anything. So ... back to the drawing board.


Sauraderm ll


While modeling this critter, I realized that Hexagon has a built in camera feature that lets me take snaps of whats in the work space. So, things are a long ways from the beginning. Expect a full fledge creature that started out as two cubes and a sphere. Having big fun in between editing the novel (read more). So lets take a look at my progress...


The Sauraderm is going to be a reptilian-mammal blend. Similar to a Lycaenops (look it up), but not actually one. I mean if I make an actual lycaenops, what is the point of creating my own monster. Gotta push some verts and edges around until I get the look I want.


... so the above image is the same 'Id' but with a more beak-like mouth. The vertices are a little different as well. I'm going to add another edge-loop to the center of the body. A reptilian-mammal Boar eater (anteater). Don't be surprised if when you see this thing again, it looks radically different.


Same beak mouth version but with some of the edges and verts pushed around. I will make the mouth bigger and the tail smaller. Should be interesting when complete.




Still in the process of building. The Cloud Tiger is done. Now I'm on to other Ids. In issue zero of NETERS™ I introduced an Id called a Sauraderm. A gigantic Boar eating creature that stands 10 stories tall. Basically I put a dolphin head on a triceratops body and called it a day.


Fired up my favorite 3D modeler. Hexagon. I then started blocking out the body for the Sauraderm. A sphere and two cubes is how it all started. I originally envisioned the Sauraderm as kind of a reptilian anteater. Boars are ant-like, so why not an anteater. Once I'm done with the modeling, I'll take it over to Blender and unwrap it; generate some nice UV maps. When complete, I'll add some nice renders and write a brief description.