Render study


... been working on different render settings in Blender. Still trying to perfect or shall I say, grasp, that certain look. It's a flat, almost hard 2D look with shadows. Think Mike Mignola. I'm a fan of the stylized genre. Think Sean 'Cheeks' Galloway, or Michael Oeming. Khary Randolph and Bruce Timm. Those are the types of artists that inspire me. The top pic has the toon shader applied, but one can still see that it's pretty much just a 3D image ... despite the lines and shading, etc.


So the above pic is pretty close to the look and feel I'm trying to achieve. It's hard and flat. Deep shadows. Kinda pops in a simple way. NETERS ™ is one of those stories that is unconventional. I want the look to be as well. The above render was achieved by coloring the texture using simple fills. Nothing fancy. I then applied the toon shader in blender, and used an area light with raytracing. Came out pretty cool.


The above pic was rendered with the same toon shader in Blender, but this time I used sunlight with no raytracing. So far I prefer the middle image and settings.