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Blender Pass using freestyle. I'm gonna sound like a broken record, but Blender has a lot of power under the hood. It just takes so many buttons and knobs and crap to get things the way you want them ...


Id-Type Gelatinous Fibrous


Cloud Tiger
Id-Type: Gelatinous Fibrous.

Huge 100 ton floating monsters that roam the sulfur rich skies in search of food. These immense creatures, or ids, are a kind of terrestrial jelly fish or hydra. Cloud Tigers generally have anywhere from 6 to 10 powerful tentacles. They use their muscular three-finned tails to push themselves through the heavens; all the while held aloft by concentrated helium within bladders that rest atop their bulky bodies. It is believed that they reproduce asexually.

The above is the first generation of new Cloud-Tiger ids. I plan on painting better textures; with stripes etc. The above was rendered in Carrara Pro 6.

Cloud Tiger id-Type Part ll


Okay ... in keeping up with the promise I made myself, everything I do in Cheetah 3D, I will need to know how to do the same thing in Blender. So ... I've got the Cloud Tiger id-Type unwrapped in Blender. Yes ... it was waaaaay easier and faster to unwrap in Cheetah 3D. I did a better job at unwrapping the tentacles in Blender, but they are going to be one color so in THIS instance it doesn't matter.

Cloud Tiger id-Type Part l

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- so -

Waaay back when Lightwave was my 3D application of choice; I still like the renderer, anyway, I created a sphere, pulled some vertices around, had the nerve to add a texture to it, and called it a Cloud Tiger ... what's even funnier is that I used a giraffe texture for the skin.

I make mention of this "ID" in the sample of the Neters™ novella I posted back in February. read more


I fired up Hexagon; my favorite 3D modeler, created the critter in record time, then imported the new-and-improved Cloud Tiger into Cheetah 3D where I am unwrapping it. Once I get the textures hooked up, I'm going to render the thing in Blender.