Id-Type Sauraderm


Boer Eater
Id-Type: Sauraderm

Sauraderms are huge R'zr-Forms that appeared after the largest cluster of R'zr-Blooms infested the continents. It is the natural predator to the Boer Id-Type or R'zr-Form.

Sauraderms 'see' through a series of web sensors that lay just below their huge raptor-like craniums. It's vision is vibratory in nature. It is usually a heard animal, with females fending for themselves until they take over a heard of males. They are intelligent and highly aggressive.

Added a quick background. Didn't do any post work.
Started a month ago on re-imagining the Sauraderm. Actual time to complete; without rigging, was about 10 hours.


Sauraderm (Blender paint test)


Okay so Blender 3D damn near does everything. After I generated the UV map; and that's primarily what I was using Cheetah 3D for at this stage of my learning, I then fired up the program's INTERNAL draw/paint tools.

I painted the UV map directly inside Blender. Quick test run just to try it out; never used the paint tools before. Though I don't see eliminating Pixelmator (kind of a scaled down photoshop or gimp), I do see that once I get good at using the paint tools within the Blender app itself, I'll need fewer and fewer apps.

Cheetah 3D is now history.

Sauraderm Map l


This is the first go round for generating the Sauraderm uv maps. I have to get with those feet and do some tinkering. Normally I go to Cheetah 3D first, but sense Blender 3D is becoming my main application, I decided to just jump right into it.


The largest "island" will be the back and outer legs. The smaller of the two big islands is the under belly, etc. Again, I'm going to move some things around and tighten up some of the seams to get it the way I want it. I can also paint directly on the 3D model (inside Blender), if I need to.

Started this last month and despite other projects, it's coming along nicely. read more.